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“To promote health and well-being through providing personalised evidence based high quality podiatric care to all”.

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​With limited access to podiatry services, and an ever growing and ageing population, people with disabilities, diabetes and musculoskeletal complaints in Brisbane, service demands are increasing. 

Southern Cross Health Services aims to help alleviate these waiting times by offering referral to an expert podiatric team with a true passion for patient care. 

Southern Cross Health Services aims to make each client feel like they are part of a special community, by empowering them to make educated health decisions and involving them in their own care strategies.

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Meet the Team

Helen Joins us with over 8 years of dedicated bookkeeping and business administration experience, as well as 2 years as an accountant in a public practice. Helen offers a wide range of skills and experience in providing businesses with support and advice in all areas of business accounting and day to day administration.  She is able to effectively communicate with clients to produce the best possible results and is experienced at assisting new business owners to grow their business from the initial start-up phase through to maturity and to achieve their goals, both personal and business related.

Outside of Work, Helen is a busy mum who enjoys playing competitive netball and coaching.

Growing up in a small country town and having a passion for anything sports, Sandra was exposed to the catastrophic outcomes of a foot injury, not only to her ability to compete at an elite level, but how it affected her ability to simply “get around”.

After visiting a podiatrist in a nearby town, so impressed by what the podiatrist was able to achieve, she became fascinated with how therapy concepts could have such a profound and immediate impact on someone’s ability to walk out with less/no pain or increased function.

After finishing year 12, she began working part time as a footwear specialist whilst completing a 4 year bachelor degree studying Sport and Exercise Science. Upon completion and after taking a short break teaching English overseas, she returned to study and become a Podiatrist where In 2009 she graduated from QUT School of Podiatry with a Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) and began her career as at an extremely busy orthopaedic practice specialising in orthopaedic bracing/splinting and custom orthotics.

Sandra has a true passion for not only podiatry but for patient care, but outside of work still enjoys playing competitive netball, running, golf and going to the gym.